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yn Weaver & Andrew Poje Appreciation Society + figure skating" /><"#page/9" />
Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje Appreciation Society + figure skating

Wang/Liu’s FD from the Asian Trophy.

Notable because their first lift was awarded 3 x +4 GOE, 2 x +3 GOE and 1 x +2 GOE


Skate Canada International - Post Freedance & Kiss and Cry 

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Anonymous asked: what the hell is the RD. bring backSD pls

lol well I’ve watched two senior RDs (Parsons and McNamara/Carpenter) and to my uneducated eyes they just look like SDs to me? 

At least this change isn’t as confusing as I’m sure it was when they got rid of compulsory dances and the original dance and replaced them with the short dance. 

Maybe after we see more of the rhythm dances I’ll appreciate why they are different to the old short dances. 

Isabelle and Paul Duchesnay skate a gender non-specific free dance. 

This was very ahead of it’s time, I think

I’m in that early season stage where I’m wanting to watch everything. However, soon there will be so much to watch I’ll be so overwhelmed I’ll miss everything. 

I really wish we could see the score sheets for the 2018 Lake Placid Ice Dance Competition.

I am very curious to see the GOE judging